Introducing Tri-Energy Batteries

Tri-Energy Lithium-Iron Phosphate Batteries are Plug and Play for any application currently using a Lead Acid, Gel or AGM Battery. Our Lithium batteries have an integrated BMS (Battery Management System) and are designed to handle superior abuse tolerance. Tri-Energy Batteries are dual purpose for starting or deep cycle applications and can be connected in series or in parallel.

Plug and Play

Simply connect your new battery into your existing lead acid, AGM, or gel battery system and you're ready to go, no special adapters or converters!

70% Lighter

Our Lithium-Iron Phosphate batteries are on average 70% lighter than the same size lead battery, making them easier to move and store!

Longer Life

Our batteries can be discharged to 100% of the rated capacity, and last for 3000-5000 cycles, compared to only 50% and 300 cycles in lead acid.

Lithium Batteries Vs. Lead Acid Batteries

From their lighter weight and superior capacity, to performance and reliability – the benefits of using Lithium Iron batteries are clear! No matter the application, from electric vehicles, RVs, boats, cars, robots, telecommunications, military, and unmanned aerial vehicles. ​

Utility Vehicles

We manufacture our Lithium Ion Utility Vehicle batteries as a drop in replacement from lead acid batteries. Simply remove your old batteries and put our lithium batteries in using your existing cables, and you are ready to go!

RV & Trailers

Our Deep Cycle Lithium Ion Batteries are designed for motor homes, travel trailers and fifth wheels. Easily upgrade your batteries with the industries leading lithium ion battery technology.

Boats & Marine

Our marine lithium ion batteries provide both starting power and can allow you to safely use 100% DOD (depth of discharge) for your house bank . With less than 1% a month self discharge, vessels with our batteries can stay fully charged for over a year with no use.

Solar & Off Grid

Our solar & off grid lithium ion batteries provide reliable and consistent power, allowing you to store excess energy produced by your solar panels. A 100% depth of discharge means your batteries will store more energy than the lead acid equivalent.

Need a custom designed battery?​

Tri-Canadian Energy is a leader in specialized batteries, ranging from off-grid to EV and everything in-between. Our Research & Development Team is committed to ongoing research, testing, and design to build batteries for every application. Contact us today for your custom solution!

Longer Life

On average, good quality lead acid batteries last between 100 - 500 cycles. After 150 cycles, the lead acid batteries can produce less than half of their rated capacity meaning you would be getting less than half of the duration you got when they were new. Our lithium batteries can last up to 5000 cycles. This means in some cases you may need to replace lead acid batteries over 30 times to get the same cycle life as 1 set of our lithium batteries.

Charge Faster

Our lithium batteries are 99.1% efficient whereas lead acid batteries can be as little as 50 - 80% efficient. When you charge your lead acid batteries you can lose anywhere from 10% - 50% of the energy from the charger. This means 50% of the power used to charge your battery is being lost due to heat built up by resistance within lead batteries. Using your existing charger, lithium batteries can charge up to 25% faster.

More Cycles

Our lithium batteries will maintain over 80% of their rated capacity after 2000 cycles at 100% depth of discharge. This means if you have a 100AH lithium battery, after 2000 cycles, it will equate to an 80AH battery. If you could run on batteries for 10 hours when the lithium batteries were new, you would still be able to run for 8 hours after 2000 cycles.

Built In Protection

Every Lithium Battery is built with a Automatic Built in Battery Protection System (BPS). The internal BPS will turn off the battery if it is drained below 8V or if it is charged above 15.8V. This protects the Lithium Ion cells from being over charged or over discharged. The BPS also turns off the battery by sensing a short circuit, reverse polarity, over and under voltage as well as over current.


"I can't thank you enough for your professionalism throughout the entire transaction. Dealing with companies like yours make unsure decisions that one might have, easy and confident."
Stephanie H.
Battery Purchase
"I really like Tri-Energy batteries! You have a new lifetime customer. From now on, every time I need a new battery, I'm coming to you guys!."
Mark B.
Battery Purchase
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